8 things you should never do in the gym

If you go to the gym regularly you probably already have your own set of habits but be careful because they may not be the most appropriate. To check it out, take note of this list of things you should never do in such a place. As you know, these civic norms must always be applied.

Although there will be days in which the influx of people is greater, that does not mean that when there are few people do not have to be educated.

1. Leave the sweating devices

This is a civic issue. Do not leave the devices sweaty.

  • To do this, remember to take a towel with you to dry your sweat. In addition, it will also serve to clean the seats and supports when you finish.

We cannot forget that the vast majority of them are leather, so the sweat is not going to evaporate: you will have to remove it yourself.

Things never do in the gym

2. Rest on top of an appliance

On many occasions, there are people waiting to get on the devices so, if you are not going to take advantage of what they really are, give way to the next person.

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Do not make this mistake because you will waste your time on others.

3. Eye with the mobile

There are many people who go to the sports room with the mobile phone and answer the calls if they enter your device. At this point, you have to be very careful.

  • Do not raise your voice because you may be disturbing others. Think that many of them are there to relax mentally.
  • On the other hand, if you are the one who takes the mobile to put your own music, never forget the headphones, because, with certainty, not everyone wants to hear the same as you.

4. Do not pick up a device

Remember that appliances are for everyone and that you cannot hoard them too long. Although it may seem obvious, it is one of the most annoying problems that we usually find in the gym. Do not incur it.

If you see that there are people waiting, interleave with other exercises.

5. Do not leave the weights in the middle

As with any object in your house, in the gym do not leave things in the middle. This usually happens especially with pieces like the weights.

  • Remember that the weights have their place and leave them in the middle, besides hindering the passage, can cause someone to fall or be injured.
  • Replace them in place.

6. Do not be late for classes

Just as being late for a date or work is not good and is a sign of bad manners, do not do it in a scheduled gym class.

Think that maybe you have to break through the people who are already in the class, look for the equipment, etc. In short, you will distract the rest of the people who have attended the activity that is being taught. Better if you can avoid it.

7. Beware of Showers

You may have certain habits in your house in the shower, but remember that the gym is not your home. Avoid strolling naked throughout the bathroom for half an hour if others avoid doing so.

  • On the other hand, if you have to shave or touch yourself in the bathroom, do not leave the lavatory full of hairs.
  • As for cleaning, consider that there will be someone who will later use those areas and you will want to find them just as clean as you did.

8. Scream and complain

There are people who begin to make strange sounds that touch the limit of decibels more adequate. Generally, it is a sign more of the men when they make force but, in any case, is a custom quite annoying for the other people.

Remember that many people go to the gym to concentrate, to spend time with themselves and it is quite unpleasant for some people to scream around. Of course, if you are tired do not start to complain. There is nothing more annoying.

Think about what you can do without extenuating yourself, and if you feel really tired, do not do it anymore and go. In any case, do not start to regret it for it.

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