9 tips to deflate your belly in 15 days naturally

To get the belly to deflate we must take into account many aspects. One of its most common triggers is constipation, so we must regulate our intestinal transit to avoid problems9 tips to deflate your belly in 15 days naturally. Many people who have proposed to lose weight also wish to deflate the belly since it is a difficult goal despite being lowering kilos.

In this article, we share 9 simple and amazing tips to deflate the belly in 15 days with food and some very effective tips.

deflate your belly

Why is it hard for us to deflate our belly?

Sometimes we find a resistance when it comes to deflating the belly despite being losing weight or being already thin. We must bear in mind that they can influence hormonal, digestive or postural causes, for example.

Any imbalance may be causing a widening of the abdomen or waist. In these cases, we must also find out what is the disorder that we suffer to balance it naturally.

1. Eat slowly and chewing

The main cause of a swollen belly is some type of digestive disorder. And this is due, in many cases, to not chewing food well. We must know that digestion starts in the mouth, with saliva, especially when we eat carbohydrates.

For this reason, we can notice a great improvement, both digestive and in our womb, if we intend to chew each food until it is liquid. The healthiest thing is to eat without haste and without distractions, in a pleasant environment, avoiding discussions or conversations too hectic.

2. Breakfast shakes

Since most people do not chew food enough,  if they choose to eat crushed foods they will be able to deflate the belly more easily.

One option is to shake, which we can do by combining the following ingredients:

  • Fruit
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Milk or extra virgin coconut oil
  • Oats
  • Pure cocoa powder

Having a good smoothie every morning also helps us lose weight without starving and get energy and vitality for the whole day.

3. Eating creams and gazpachos

At night, following the same example, we can make vegetable creams and fresh vegetable juices like gazpacho. If combined with a serving of soft protein (lean meat, fish, egg, fresh cheese, avocado, and nuts) we will have a complete and balanced dinner.

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It is important to dine light and early to avoid getting up in the morning with a swollen belly.

4. Playing with spices

There is a multitude of spices that, in addition to enhancing the flavor of our recipes, help us improve digestion, activate metabolism and combat flatulence, three virtues suitable to deflate the belly.

We recommend the following spices:

  • Fennel
  • Cumin
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Oregano
  • Basil

5. Substitute the dessert for a digestive infusion

The combination of food is also essential in reducing the abdomen and losing weight, as well as maintaining good health.

For this reason, we should opt for simple meals, without mixing different types of protein, in addition to avoiding fruits and sweets as dessert. It is much healthier to leave the sweets for mid-afternoon, as a snack.

6. End Constipation

Those who suffer chronic constipation should remedy this disorder if they wish to have a flat belly. You can do it naturally with any of these remedies:

  • Flax Seeds Soak throughout the Night
  • Prunes
  • Ripe kiwi
  • Psyllium dissolved in water
  • Infusions of Senna (on a timely basis)
  • Fruit and vegetable smoothies
  • Whole grains

7. Move the waist

When we say that we have to exercise to lose weight and be fit we also refer to the waist.

Any type of cardiovascular exercise, such as running, dancing or aerobics, along with stretching of the abdomen and waist, will help us to deflate and tone the abdomen. Do you want to know more? Lee:  8 reasons to love dancing and practicing every day

8. Eliminate stress

Stress alters the hormonal balance, which is also related to the size of the belly. For this reason, many people who are stressed have a bulging belly despite being thin.

To eliminate stress we must exercise to burn energy and also practice relaxation techniques, as well as eating a balanced diet.

9. Rest well

Another important factor is nocturnal rest. If we do not get enough sleep, our body becomes stressed and we can gain weight and volume.

There are no exact hours for rest. Each person has to find the right time for her and, above all, that the dream is restorative and of quality.

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