If we eat out of the house we will try to take salads and baked or grilled foods to ensure that we are not including too many calories in our diet. During the holiday season, it is difficult to take care of the diet and not to gain weight because in those days we just want to rest, enjoy and eat what we like the most. ...continue reading "Some tips for not gaining weight on vacation"

The joints are in the bony ends of the body, are responsible for protecting the condyles and play a key role in the movement of the lower and upper limbs. Its overuse can cause various ailments, among which osteoarthritis stands out. Between each joint is a segment of cartilage, which prevents the rubbing of the bones. However, the passage of time causes gradual wear, which causes pain and inflammation. ...continue reading "5 foods recommended to prevent osteoarthritis    "

The face is one of the most delicate areas of the body, not only by exposure to toxins and other impurities but by the thinness of the skin tissues. Thus, different care needs to be taken. Health is not the only important factor regarding the face. With regard to this, the aesthetic becomes quite relevant. In short, the ideal is to maintain a balance between both aspects. ...continue reading "5 good practices for the health of the face"

You've done a lot of exercises and you've changed your diet to a supersana. Now you've got that body you wanted so bad, but you realize you do not know what to do with the excess skin left by losing weight. On many occasions, the body has to deal with this situation that is not very pleasing to the eye. ...continue reading "What to do with excess skin left over when losing weight"

The body's immune system is one that is responsible for providing protection against harmful agents, known as antigens, which can cause disease. These include viruses, bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances that, after invading the tissues, give rise to infections and pathologies. ...continue reading "Strengthens your immune system and prevents infections by consuming these 8 foods"

Being overweight is a disorder that is caused by the accumulation of fats and toxins in the body, which raises body weight above what is considered healthy. It happened mainly because of excessive consumption of calories through the diet but also influences the sedentarism, the hormonal changes, and the metabolic difficulties. ...continue reading "5 digestive disorders that can influence overweight"

Although they may take a while to offer results, the truth is that the ingredients of these masks are very beneficial when it comes to naturally minimize the marks left by acne. Acne is one of the skin disorders that, when given in a chronic way, can leave marks on the skin difficult to erase. ...continue reading "Did the acne leave marks on your face? Breathe in with these 5 natural masks"

If you go to the gym regularly you probably already have your own set of habits but be careful because they may not be the most appropriate. To check it out, take note of this list of things you should never do in such a place. As you know, these civic norms must always be applied. ...continue reading "8 things you should never do in the gym"

Difficult moments, wanting to fit in with some people or the constant need to maintain a certain lifestyle often make us forget who we really are. Although each of us develops a different personality, depending on the tastes and social environment, there are certain moments in which we feel lost and without knowing who we are, what we want and what our goals are. ...continue reading "Learn to find you, the wonderful art of meeting you"

Instead of letting time pass as if nothing learns to live each moment consciously and take advantage of the present, without worrying about the past or the future. Time passes, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. When we are in a queue, it is eternal. However, at dinners with friends or in the company of those with whom we want to be, it flies. ...continue reading "Does time fly or slip out of your hands?"