Breathing: 3 techniques to take a good breath of fresh air

Breathing seems a natural and innocuous act. But breathing, to be effective, requires knowing its different methods and the benefits that can be derived from it. Breathing

Here are 3 breathing techniques to be healthier and boost one's vitality.

There is no need to soak medication to curb anxiety and the host of psychosomatic disorders (insomnia, heartburn, nervous palpitations, migraines), but also fight against the bulge.

Take control of your breath can be enough to cope with the stress of everyday life and regain energy. You are told all about the different breathing techniques that work.

Cardiac coherence to replace anxiolytic

Among the various techniques available to all, the cardiac coherence is one of the most effective and easier to implement.

It is based on a breathing frequency 6, six breaths per minute for three minutes. Usually, our respiratory rate is twice as fast. In addition, "his rhythm is chaotic, constantly changing," says Dr. O'Hare. It adapts itself to our activity (physical effort, rest ...) and external events to which we are subjected (verbal aggression, surprise effect). The heart thus undergoes permanent accelerations and decelerations. Result: the energy circulates poorly. The adrenaline takes over and this is the beginning of the negative spiral. At frequency 6, everything is different. The heart rhythm synchronizes with the respiratory rhythm because the brain interprets this state as emotionally neutral, insofar as the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system is perfect. Thus, the organization starts to function to the economy. He gets tired less quickly. Its resistance to diseases and intellectual performance (memory, decision making, creativity) are strengthened. All this is explained physiologically.

A few minutes of cardiac coherence "induce changes to the immune and hormonal level, indeed indicates the specialist.

A decrease in cortisol ( the hormone responsible for the deleterious effects of stress), an increase of DHEA (anti-stress hormone) and an increase in immunoglobulin A, essential factors of resistance to attacks that persist in the blood up Six hours after the exercise ".

Per clinical studies conducted over the past decade by the American Institute of HeartMate, his regular reduce moreover the blood pressure of hypertensive patients, the rate of cholesterol blood and the perception of pain, including osteoarthritis or Acute arthritis.

Cardiac coherence in practice:  sitting on a chair, adopt a conscious abdominal breathing. Then slow down the pace by increasing the amplitude. To reach frequency 6, use the technique of waves explained previously. Drawing each of them should take you ten seconds, five seconds for inspiration and five seconds for expiration. In three minutes (use a timer), you must have traced eighteen. After two weeks of training, three sessions a day (morning, noon and evening), you will be able to find the right rhythm. And the benefits will not be delayed.

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Abdominal breathing to combat overweight

Chronic stress places the body in "danger mode". To cope, the adrenal glands release more cortisol, which causes muscle loss and fat gain, especially in the abdomen, hips and upper thighs.

By imposing a return to calm, deep abdominal breathing tempers influx of hormone that affects the balance.

This also helps better manage her emotions, so to avoid "meltdowns" untimely, and improve the quality of their sleep, phase during which the adipocytes destocking triglycerides stored during the day.

The pranayama to release vital energy

For Easterners, breathing is circulating vital energy, the breath of life that connects us to the universe. Mastering his breath goes well beyond the oxygenation of the lungs.

Symbolically, this corresponds to open his body and soul, a form of entry into meditation. Hence the importance of breathing "just" in the practice of yoga, the tai chi or qi gong.

The exercises of pranayama, this Indian art of breath calms the mind to achieve inner peace, are interesting to develop his perception of the benefits of breathing. The application for smartphone, Universal Breathing, allows learning the basic techniques at home.

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