You can eat everything and lose weight if you know how to combine food

It has always been said that to lose weight you have to avoid carbohydrates, but now we know that mixing them with proteins will help you lose weight.

weight loss

We are already in April and it seems that the bikini operation is starting to make way. The time has come to advise not to make diets that promise immediate results in a short time and banish some of those myths that always come up at this time as those carbohydrates are the enemies of diets slimming. One of the nutritionists explains that the fat we have not only comes from products rich in fact, it appears when we take a lot of carbohydrates and this produces a very large rise in blood glucose. Does this mean that we cannot take hydrates if we want to lose weight? No, because this specialist points out, putting as an example the Japanese.

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Following the previous advice, hydrates do not have to be avoided to lose weight at any time, although nutritionist recognizes that if we want to lose weight it works very well to open a window from the snack to the next day in the morning, in which we do not consume carbohydrates Because at three or four hours, from the snack, these have been assimilated and as to go to bed cortisol levels, stress, have to go down, it makes it easier for my body to use fat as fuel instead of using Muscle mass. And is that one of the slogans that are repeated more when it comes to establishing a diet or regimen is that to lose weight we have to focus on losing fat and protect our muscle mass. It is always said that a correct diet should be the sum of a good diet plus moderate sport.

The nutritionist also wanted to make it clear that fruit juices are not the best way to take a fruit or lose weight. If I take it drunk, it enters the stomach, there is no digestion, and it seeps into the bloodstream and there are many carbohydrates, then the pancreas secretes insulin to normalize those blood glucose levels. It's as easy as turning that carbohydrate into fat. Precisely, on the fruit, nutritionist notes that you can take fruit at night, but do not take only fruit so you suggest pear dinner with fresh cheese or melon with ham or any other mixture that we can think of, but do not take only fruit.

Finally, to the joy of all that we put on a diet occasionally, nutritionist notes that a diet does not have to be prohibited sweet, only that it is preferable to buy, for example, a quality chocolate with a good concentration Of cacao and ends by remembering that what is important is not what you do one day but what to do 365 days a year. Now we are ready to start our new bikini operation knowing that we can take hydrates, sweets or fruits whenever we do well.

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