How can meditation improve the cognitive health?

The health benefits of meditation are no longer a secret. In recent research also revealed that meditation has some amazing cognitive benefits as well. Things like concentration, memory power, creativity, intelligence all get a boost with meditation and also improve your quality of life. So, let’s take a look at how meditation improves your cognitive health.

Meditation improves our executive function

Our executive functions are some of the most important skills which help us function as a normal human being in society and also helps to pursue our dreams and goals. So, what are these executive functions?

Well, emotions, self-control, organizing ability, inhibition, and motivation are all considered as our executive functions. We all have these executive functions for a reason. Just as we show our anger in response to some injustice which indicates the situation needs to change, in the same way, we show sadness in response to some loss. But when we start ruminating then sometimes these things become maladaptive. And to avoid this situation, we need to regulate our executive functions. Here, meditation becomes helpful; it helps us control our behavior, become more aware and accepting of these executive functions.

Meditation sharpens concentration power

One of the most core benefits of meditation is it greatly improves concentration power of the individual. Many researchers suggest that this benefit is quite consistent in all the age groups from kids to elders. Meditation is the most efficient and cost effective way to improve one’s attention and concentration on any specific task that one put his/her mind to. Studies also revealed that those who perform a mindful meditation regularly are much more efficient at doing discrete tasks or a multitasking challenge than those who don’t indulge themselves in meditation. Regular 20 minutes of meditation also lifts one’s mood which has a significant effect on our concentration ability.

Meditation boosts our working memory

Working memory is a core part of our cognitive functions sometimes referred as short-term memory. It’s concerned with immediate conscious perceptual or temporary holding of information in your mind that to be manipulated. Studies have shown that meditation greatly improves the working memory. You don’t have to perform longer sessions of meditation to get the benefits. 10-15 minutes of regular mindful meditation will do the trick.

Meditation releases cognitive rigidity & boosts cognitive flexibility

What is cognitive rigidity? It’s a difficulty changing mental sets. In simple words, it’s a situation where we find it difficult to consider new or innovative ideas to solve a problem. Sometimes our past experiences also attributed to this condition.
Various studies have been conducted to see whether mediation has any significant effect on people’s adaptive thinking. And it is concluded that those who meditate daily are more likely to cultivate novel or innovative ideas to solve a problem than those who don’t meditate. By performing meditation regularly, you can also attain better cognitive flexibility where you can think or switch between different concept and ideas at the same time.

As meditation also require you to stay focused. And if you face trouble with it, then you might need to take nootropics. It’s a supplement which enhances your meditative effects.

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