To get the belly to deflate we must take into account many aspects. One of its most common triggers is constipation, so we must regulate our intestinal transit to avoid problems9 tips to deflate your belly in 15 days naturally. Many people who have proposed to lose weight also wish to deflate the belly since it is a difficult goal despite being lowering kilos. ...continue reading "9 tips to deflate your belly in 15 days naturally"

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For centuries our ancestors have used herbs to improve health. This is the case of dill, a generous herb with incredible properties to lose weight and restore the digestive processes suitable. If you are one of those who is always looking for good natural alternatives to lose weight, we have a very good. Do not miss this simple way to lose weight using dill. ...continue reading "Prepare the dill in this way to lose weight"

It has always been said that to lose weight you have to avoid carbohydrates, but now we know that mixing them with proteins will help you lose weight. ...continue reading "You can eat everything and lose weight if you know how to combine food"