If we eat out of the house we will try to take salads and baked or grilled foods to ensure that we are not including too many calories in our diet. During the holiday season, it is difficult to take care of the diet and not to gain weight because in those days we just want to rest, enjoy and eat what we like the most. ...continue reading "Some tips for not gaining weight on vacation"

You've done a lot of exercises and you've changed your diet to a supersana. Now you've got that body you wanted so bad, but you realize you do not know what to do with the excess skin left by losing weight. On many occasions, the body has to deal with this situation that is not very pleasing to the eye. ...continue reading "What to do with excess skin left over when losing weight"

Being overweight is a disorder that is caused by the accumulation of fats and toxins in the body, which raises body weight above what is considered healthy. It happened mainly because of excessive consumption of calories through the diet but also influences the sedentarism, the hormonal changes, and the metabolic difficulties. ...continue reading "5 digestive disorders that can influence overweight"

If you go to the gym regularly you probably already have your own set of habits but be careful because they may not be the most appropriate. To check it out, take note of this list of things you should never do in such a place. As you know, these civic norms must always be applied. ...continue reading "8 things you should never do in the gym"

On many occasions we want to lose weight with great urgency, because we have an important commitment in which we want to look great and of course we can wear that beautiful dress that makes us look spectacular, but if we do not lower those kilos that are left over we can never have that Taste and much less improve our health. ...continue reading "How to lose weight in a short time"

Many people decide to choose swimming as a regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle because, apart from its many benefits, it is a respectful sport with the body. Water as a means of practicing it reduces the risk of injury since among other things; it exerts a smaller impact on the joints. It also allows for greater mobility, something that is very interesting for people who are not in shape or have some type of limitation. Thus, swimming is appropriate for people with back problems, pregnant or people with weight problems, for example. ...continue reading "Eight health benefits of swimming"

Very often we suffer from stomach discomfort. Swelling in the belly is one of the most common. We feel heavy, uncomfortable, and full of gas or general malaise. The reasons for this swelling can be very varied, from physical causes to emotional causes. A diet low in fiber (fruit and vegetables), low physical activity, and intolerance to some foods such as gluten or lactose, lack of lack or fear of losing someone may be some of the most common causes of this evil. Our body does not stop being the reflection of our soul, reason why everything that affects to us can have repercussion in our physical well-being. It is important to learn to listen to the body and learn from it. This is where yoga can help us achieve it. ...continue reading "Yoga to solve the swollen belly"

New Year and the winter holidays are coming and it is time to return to regular fitness classes that promote health and maintain wellness. If you have not yet begun to run at least twice a week, but now the right time to get sports shoes out of the closet.

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Choose a time and place

It should be remembered that in the winter it gets dark early, so avoid places where you may interfere with the vehicle. The driver is difficult to drive the car on a slippery surface and can you just do not notice it. It is better to choose a smooth place - forests and rugged terrain in the winter gets too traumatic. School stadiums fit almost perfectly, even in the case of severe icing tracks you can run around the football field, in these places, you can meet other runners, stadiums in every town. When choosing where to run in the winter, always pay attention to weather conditions, remember that there may be slippery ice under a thin layer of snow.

Running is always better in the morning, especially if your work is not connected with physical exertion. Easy physical fatigue will set up an office employee at a working rhythm, and a large amount of oxygen produced during the run, improve mental performance.

What to wear on a winter run?

Manufacturers of sportswear and shoes are looking forward to the cold weather, because the winter things are much more expensive than the summer, so their profits are expected to grow. Do not succumb to commercials and articles in the winter can be run and no expensive equipment. Better to spend the saved money on fruits and vegetables to replenish the supply of vitamins, in the cold season, we all feel the lack of them.


Grooved sole, low weight, at least the minimum protection against getting wet and a slight warming - that all the requirements for shoes for winter running. Forget summer running shoes, they have to quickly freeze the legs. But options demit sports shoes will be very helpful. If your physical condition is at the proper level, you can run in high winter boots with laces - they do not slip, protect the ankle from the tension and increase the load.


Best fit the usual double sweatpants, it is important to keep the leg muscles warm, you can even wear underwear. In no case cannot be used jeans or other clothing that fetter the movements. Do not forget about the socks, they should not be your foot sweat. No more requirements for the pants not, if your clothes will not be branded icon informing everyone around that thing "breathe", do not worry.

Top hat

Choosing what to run in the winter, try to wear as little as possible of things, so you do not sweat, so not sick. T-shirt with long sleeves, thin sweater, and a light jacket - nothing more is needed. Provide the ability to remove the sweater, if you will be too hot. The lower the temperature, the more layers of clothing to be on you.

The hat should cover your ears, it is a prerequisite. The head can be protected from the cold and hair, but with the ears of the most difficult, because when they freeze, they begin to hurt badly. If you doubt hardened his body, then be sure to take a thin scarf to a little warm inhaled air. Balaklava, ie cap with slits for eyes as if created for the occasion.

Availability of gloves - is necessary. They not only protect from the cold part of the body that moves little during the run but also protect your hands if you are from slips and fall.

The main rule

When you go outside, you should experience mild discomfort from the cold. If you feel comfortable - remove something of the things a couple of minutes you are running much sweat. And if you froze at once, and then run your body flushed rapidly supercooled. Dress should be such that the outer garment, in any case, does not become wet with sweat.

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How to run in the winter

In winter, you can run just as well as the summer - the main thing is just to breathe the air through the nose. Our respiratory system is designed so that air passing through it is heated to the desired temperature and humidified, our nose works like a real air conditioner.

At any time of the year to run better in the company of friends, it encourages the continuation of training helps to keep a good pace, so always fun. Just be careful, because, in the winter, all surfaces can be slippery, gently overtake or skip ahead to your partner, try to keep your distance when running at the same pace. Be careful not to push the other runners, because it can slip and get hurt.

Be careful

No matter how to run in the winter, when the air temperature is close to zero degrees, and if you hit the cold, while training is reduced. The stronger the frost, the shorter should be the practice, if the temperature has fallen below fifteen degrees below zero, from jogging should be abandoned. In this cold is a too large temperature difference, even a strong body can catch a cold. In winter, you cannot run against the wind - it is not only difficult but also dangerous, rapid cooling of heated parts of the body can cause the common cold.

Winter jogging burns more calories, better trains the heart, allows you to test your willpower and the level of training, which you left for the warmer months.

The modern city dweller does not have too many opportunities to give your body sufficient amount of physical activity. Of course, this does not apply to those who work physically, but there are people in the cities are now few, and the work that they do, rarely uses all muscle groups, which is also bad for their health.

To solve this problem are called many gyms or fitness centers, as they are called owners. Such institutions are now very much in practice in any area of any city, you can easily find the gym, and not one. Alternative fitness center, there is perhaps only one - jogging in the park or a nearby stadium, push-ups, horizontal bar, located in the courtyard of the old, still Soviet weight, which can be found in almost every city apartment. What do you choose - a trendy fitness center or a simple horizontal bar? Everyone is responsible for themselves on this issue, a universal answer to this question is no. I myself am trying to solve it for myself, and so I decided to find the pros and cons of paid gym to relieve you of this decision. ...continue reading "Gym and fitness center – 10 “for” and 10 “against”"