The health benefits of meditation are no longer a secret. In recent research also revealed that meditation has some amazing cognitive benefits as well. Things like concentration, memory power, creativity, intelligence all get a boost with meditation and also improve your quality of life. So, let’s take a look at how meditation improves your cognitive health.

Meditation improves our executive function

Our executive functions are some of the most important skills which help us function as a normal human being in society and also helps to pursue our dreams and goals. So, what are these executive functions?

Well, emotions, self-control, organizing ability, inhibition, and motivation are all considered as our executive functions. We all have these executive functions for a reason. Just as we show our anger in response to some injustice which indicates the situation needs to change, in the same way, we show sadness in response to some loss. But when we start ruminating then sometimes these things become maladaptive. And to avoid this situation, we need to regulate our executive functions. Here, meditation becomes helpful; it helps us control our behavior, become more aware and accepting of these executive functions.

Meditation sharpens concentration power

One of the most core benefits of meditation is it greatly improves concentration power of the individual. Many researchers suggest that this benefit is quite consistent in all the age groups from kids to elders. Meditation is the most efficient and cost effective way to improve one’s attention and concentration on any specific task that one put his/her mind to. Studies also revealed that those who perform a mindful meditation regularly are much more efficient at doing discrete tasks or a multitasking challenge than those who don’t indulge themselves in meditation. Regular 20 minutes of meditation also lifts one’s mood which has a significant effect on our concentration ability.

Meditation boosts our working memory

Working memory is a core part of our cognitive functions sometimes referred as short-term memory. It’s concerned with immediate conscious perceptual or temporary holding of information in your mind that to be manipulated. Studies have shown that meditation greatly improves the working memory. You don’t have to perform longer sessions of meditation to get the benefits. 10-15 minutes of regular mindful meditation will do the trick.

Meditation releases cognitive rigidity & boosts cognitive flexibility

What is cognitive rigidity? It’s a difficulty changing mental sets. In simple words, it’s a situation where we find it difficult to consider new or innovative ideas to solve a problem. Sometimes our past experiences also attributed to this condition.
Various studies have been conducted to see whether mediation has any significant effect on people’s adaptive thinking. And it is concluded that those who meditate daily are more likely to cultivate novel or innovative ideas to solve a problem than those who don’t meditate. By performing meditation regularly, you can also attain better cognitive flexibility where you can think or switch between different concept and ideas at the same time.

As meditation also require you to stay focused. And if you face trouble with it, then you might need to take nootropics. It’s a supplement which enhances your meditative effects.

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A high level of concentration is much required in all sphere of life. ‘Concentration’ is the process of keeping one’s mind on one thing at a time while taking mind off other things. You can perform any task more effectively only when you can completely concentrate on that task. Now you might be wondering how to boost your concentration level. It can be increased by improving mental abilities and practicing some specific tasks. Here in this article, I have discussed few strategies which will surely help you to boost your concentration level.

1. Get an uninterrupted sleep

Lack of enough sleep can give you a hard time concentrating on your work. The improving concentration requires a lot of mental effort and sleep deprived, or the tired body can’t rise to that occasion. An uninterrupted sleep of 6 to 7 hours is much needed for relaxation of your mind. Studies show that a relaxed mind can concentrate more creatively.

2. Avoid multitasking

Normally people finds it very difficult to concentrate on any specific task when too much stuff is going on their minds at once. So it is most important to do one thing at a time to concentrate better. Avoid multitasking like when you are reading or writing something, switch off the T.V. or other sound making devices around you.

3. Fix your priorities

To give full concentration on the specific task, it is important to have a priority list. Fix your priorities, what should be done first and what should be done next. If you don’t fix your priorities and work disorderly, you will start thinking about another task while doing one. Fixation of priorities helps you to concentrate better on your task.

4. Take a break

If you are doing any task for a long time, you will automatically get bored and won’t be able to concentrate properly. You need to refresh your mind by taking short breaks to apply full concentration on your work. Go outside, take a deep breath or a walk, you will be able to feel energized and ready to concentrate more effectively.

5. Meditate

Meditation is the most powerful technique for enhancing and to boost your concentration power. 15 to 20 minutes of meditation has an immense effect on our concentration. It not only boosts our concentration power but also improve sleep cycle, self-control and anxiety, etc. There are lots of meditation techniques available, try to practice them for at least 15 minutes regularly. During meditation try to observe your breath, this process will train your mind to focus on a specific task at a specific time.

Try nootropics supplements to improve the cognitive ability which in turn can improve the concentration and brain functionality.

6. Practice concentration exercise

Practicing concentration exercises not only improve your concentration power but also sharps your mind. Concentration exercises include ‘counting numbers backwards’ ‘recall any photograph’ ‘mathematical calculations’ ‘concentrate at a candle flame’ ‘solving puzzles’ ‘trivia games’ ‘playing any instrument’ etc. By practicing these exercises, you will be able to discipline and train your mind.

If that solar radiation can cause serious damage to the skin, known to many, few people think about how much harmful UV light to the eyes and vision. But, nevertheless, prolonged exposure to outdoor space without special protective equipment can result in serious pathological changes not only the surface but also deep internal structures of the body, which is fraught with serious problems.

If your skin the most dangerous are the midday hours when the sun is as high as possible above the horizon and on the surface of the human body gets longer direct rays from the body of the opposite. Max UV light falls directly in the eye is in the hours when the solar disk is not too high. Also dangerous are those rays that reflect off the water, sand, and other surfaces, and fall on the retina of the eye in no way protected.

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Next, we look at some of the most common diseases, caused by ultraviolet radiation. It should be borne in mind that the disease may not immediately occur.

1- Dry eye syndrome

The symptoms of this rather unpleasant disease include a burning sensation and eye pain, foreign body sensation and the growing deterioration of vision. Symptoms are increasing throughout the day, leading to fatigue and a significant reduction in disability.

At the heart of the development of the syndrome dry eye mechanism is a sharp decrease in the amount of tear fluid, which also complemented by a violation of its qualitative structure.

This disease is dangerous complications that can lead to partial or complete loss of vision completely.

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2- Snow blindness

This disease does not develop immediately, but sometimes after exposure to ultraviolet light onto the retina of the eye. Patients complain of a sharp pain in the eyes, photophobia, lacrimation. These symptoms can develop into a complete loss of short-term vision. Usually, a few days back sight and blindness passes, but sometimes there remain serious problems with vision.

3- Pterygium

This disease is associated with prolonged exposure to UV rays on the eye. First, complaints, patients do not show, however, the diagnosis does not cause problems, as is clearly seen from the growth cone of the conjunctiva opaque to the transparent cornea. With the progression of the disease vision deteriorates, and when the conjunctiva completely covers the pupil, blindness occurs.

4- Keratitis and conjunctivitis

Most even talk about keratoconjunctivitis, because due to severe burn develops aseptic inflammation not only of the conjunctiva covering the inside of the upper and lower eyelids, and cornea. Acute catarrhal phenomena may be accompanied by the formation of small vesicles and ulcers. All these objective manifestations accompanied by severe pain and deterioration of general condition. Dangerous bacterial and viral complications, the outcome of which may be clouding of the cornea, leading eventually to blindness.

5- Cataracts

Ultraviolet rays are today recognized as one of the causes cloudings of the lens, which is an important unit of the entire light refracting structure, which is a human eye. Symptoms of cataract in the early stages of the disease may be flashing before the eyes of flies, ghosting or staining items in yellow. Cataract Risk in its progression, that is complete pacification of the lens, causing blindness develops.

Measures to protect the eyes

What danger are the ultraviolet rays to the eye, we have already realized, it is necessary to say a few words about the protective measures to be taken. Even an ordinary wide-brimmed hat is able to protect the eyes from sunlight, but even the dark glasses are not able to give a full guarantee, since the ultraviolet rays reflected from various surfaces, including on the spectacles themselves, still fall into the eye. Maximum protection can provide only quality lenses with UV filter.


Ambiguous attitude

Our society has developed a dual attitude to the ancient medicine. When there is talk about the theory, we all just smile, mocking the ancient physicians who use these treatments and medications that seem to us ridiculous. If you start talking about the practical side, our relationship is changing dramatically. Witch Doctor can operate under the guise of "expert in ancient Chinese medical techniques," it will give him credibility in our eyes. When we meet at the pharmacy bottle with the words on the label "produced by an ancient recipe," we no longer confuse the big number on the price tag.

It turns out that we understand the mind could not Aesculapius ancient world, lacking even minimal knowledge of anatomy and physiology, unfamiliar with the microcosm and its inhabitants, to create high-performance products and invent unique medical techniques. But we have a very early age was taught to respect their elders, the older the person, the more worthy of respect for his experience. We automatically shifted such an attitude to medicine - if the ancient recipe, it tested by centuries means using it has recovered more than one generation of people.

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How old received medical knowledge

In order to understand how ancient people got the recipe for their recipes, you do not need to have the academic knowledge of history or archeology, show quite a bit of common sense and use logic. Without possessing basic knowledge in biology, to seek treatment methods can only be two ways - trial and error or by analogy.

Enumeration method

Unfortunately, prior to the beginning of the twentieth century, various options busting method cannot be effective enough, if he allowed getting some good results, it is because of blind luck. Judge for yourself - in order to sort through the different options and analyze their performance, you must have sufficient means for storing and processing information. Can you imagine a Chinese doctor, who would have tried hundreds of different combinations of herbal preparations in the patients of the same disease and then offered its record large team of research assistants who would be involved in their analysis and systematization? I cannot think of such a "healer", experiment on the sick patient, very fast and very hard to kill their relatives. But the ancient Chinese medicine is very popular in our country and abroad - in almost every town has a witch doctor, offering their patients the ancient Chinese recipe. And that we are talking about China, in which the paper appeared a long time ago. And how could organize information storage and processing in other parts of the world, where the paper began to be used only at the beginning of the Renaissance?

Analog method

Inability to use the method of selection has led to a widespread method of analogy. If a large animal seeking some grass, this grass can help a sick person? If the bear is very strong and hardy, it can be eating his paws make a person as strong? This level of thinking of ancient people, and they are very much mistaken in regard to animals. In all cultures, the male lion is a symbol of courage and strength, and naturally, he's sleeping twenty hours a day and does not participate in the hunt, food for him mined females. What kind of courage and strength can there be? But in Africa, people still firmly believe that if you eat the heart of a lion, it is possible to become the strongest and most courageous.

Chinese Medicine - an example to follow

Particularly successful in a method similar to the Chinese. So what? With so many people can be carried out any experiments, people will notice the disappearance of a couple of thousand people, even if the local district center several million lives. This country is still a huge popular extract from various parts of the body of popular animals, as an effective tool for the treatment of diseases. There's even a bear farm, which produces the bile the animals. It is worth noting that bile is used by the body for the withdrawal of all the most harmful substances, which he got, and in fact is a potent poison.

Common sense and ancient medicine

I do not deny the effectiveness of some ancient recipes, but most of them were recognized modern physicians and are available in pharmacies in the form of modern dosage forms. If you prefer to fall for such bait marketers, as the word "old" in the signage or packaging, or at least ask, whence came to us this technique or preparation and that led to his discovery. If the recipe had a shaman after performing the ritual, involving the reception of potent hallucinogens, but do not expect the effect of its application, except as a placebo, when faith in the action of the drug performs the therapeutic function of the drug itself.