The joints are in the bony ends of the body, are responsible for protecting the condyles and play a key role in the movement of the lower and upper limbs. Its overuse can cause various ailments, among which osteoarthritis stands out. Between each joint is a segment of cartilage, which prevents the rubbing of the bones. However, the passage of time causes gradual wear, which causes pain and inflammation. ...continue reading "5 foods recommended to prevent osteoarthritis    "

The face is one of the most delicate areas of the body, not only by exposure to toxins and other impurities but by the thinness of the skin tissues. Thus, different care needs to be taken. Health is not the only important factor regarding the face. With regard to this, the aesthetic becomes quite relevant. In short, the ideal is to maintain a balance between both aspects. ...continue reading "5 good practices for the health of the face"

The body's immune system is one that is responsible for providing protection against harmful agents, known as antigens, which can cause disease. These include viruses, bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances that, after invading the tissues, give rise to infections and pathologies. ...continue reading "Strengthens your immune system and prevents infections by consuming these 8 foods"

Although they may take a while to offer results, the truth is that the ingredients of these masks are very beneficial when it comes to naturally minimize the marks left by acne. Acne is one of the skin disorders that, when given in a chronic way, can leave marks on the skin difficult to erase. ...continue reading "Did the acne leave marks on your face? Breathe in with these 5 natural masks"

Want to lose some weight? Then you have to boost metabolism first.  So, how it can be done?  Well, just go through with these following tips:

1. Revive yourself with a healthy breakfast

As it is the most important meal of the day, skipping it could lead your body to starvation mode. According to the nutritionist, your metabolism gets slow down while you're sleeping. So, it becomes crucial to eat a healthy breakfast to revive your metabolism. A better metabolism keeps your energy level high throughout the day. Studies have shown that women who skip breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be obese. You can also try nootropics supplements which have a lot of health benefits. However, you must consult with your physician before you start taking nootropics.

Boost up your morning meal with oatmeal, fat-free milk, yogurt, almonds, one or two egg, a teaspoon of omega-3 fish oil, and frozen berries so that you can get an approximately 300-400 calories.

2. Gulp your water cold

Research shows that when you drink a glass of cold water, your body burns some calories heating up the water to your core body temperature. Also, sufficient amount (5 to 6 liters for an adult) of water revs up your metabolism causing you to burn around 100 calories a day. Since the number of calories, you will burn by drinking a glass of cold water doesn't seem much, but once making a habit, you'll be able to lose some pounds within two or three months.

3. Drink a cup of coffee and green tea

Studies have shown that a cup of coffee can boost up your metabolism by 4 to 8% and caffeine also promotes fat burning.

Green tea has active ingredients like ‘catechin' which significantly improve your metabolism and help you to burn some calories.

4. Eat protein rich meal

The human body takes more time to digest protein than fat or carbs. Your body uses only 10% of its calorie intake for digestion. But, when you eat a high protein meal, your body spends more energy regarding calorie to absorb the nutrients from the meal.

Protein-rich diets also greatly boost metabolism that helps you to burn an extra 100 to 150 calories per day.

5. Undertake a high-intensity workout

If you're a regular gym-goer, then you might know the benefits of the high-intensity workout. Studies have shown that a vigorous workout helps you to burn 200 to 250 calories. Try to mix up your workout routine with intervals; it will give a boost to your metabolism. You can also lift some weight to build muscle as muscles are metabolically more active than fat. Also during weight loss, your metabolism may drop a bit which you can resist by retaining muscles through lifting some weights.

6. Get a sound sleep at night

Sometimes lack of sleep becomes the cause of obesity; it also disrupts your metabolism. According to a study published in the American Journal of Physiology, 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep is necessary for an adult to have a healthier metabolism.

During the first 12 months of life, a baby will triple its weight and increase its length by up to 50%. The increase in weight and height are the most important indices that allow us to elucidate the nutritional status. Their exact measurement on a regular basis shows us their evolution compared to growth charts. These measures are tools to track the child's progress during the first year of life. ...continue reading "Breastfed children, intelligent children"

One of the most regrettable moments is the one in which a person fails to provide treatment to his or her loved one. Stroke is one of the most dangerous health situations in which a person can be lost forever, so it is important for everyone to know about strokes and how to recover from stroke. Some of the greatest doctors in this world consider strokes as one of the dangerous situations that are scary and frightening for the patient and his loved ones.

If a person survives from the stroke, then there are rare chances of getting him out completely recovered, and it is also possible that the person may not recover fully, and in any of the cases, strokes can take place again, so it is better to find some ways before it’s too late. Here are the three important tips for you to prevent yourself from strokes however you can always use Phenylpiracetam to completely stay out of the risk.

Light Exercise

A stroke can take over any gender and of any age, but the people who are mostly on the big risk are those who have crossed their 30s. If you or anyone you know has suffered from the stroke, then you might know the pain and then the long process of recovery, so in order to lower the risks, it is important to get yourself enrolled in some light exercises. Exercises such as light aerobics can play an important part to save the body from having strokes because exercise helps in the clear circulation of blood. Also, by the help of exercise, the blood is purified in a more authentic way, due to high intake of oxygen.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

This is just not a slogan of any particular food company, in fact, it is the truth. If you have suffered a stroke, but recovered, then you might face the same situation again. So, in order to stay out of that danger zone, it is important to keep track of your blood pressure, whether you are a patient of hypertension or not. To control hypertension, it is very important for you to eat and drink healthy, in other words, you must have a proper diet plan. Avoid having too spicy and oily foods and try to have boiled ones. Also, it is important to quit the habit of drinking alcohol.

Make Your Home Simple

You might be thinking about the relation between stroke and a simple home, and without any doubt, there is a relation. Imagine yourself or any of your loved one alone at home, and suddenly stroke strikes the brain, then what will happen if he falls from stairs? Can you imagine the disaster being doubled because of that, so it is very important to decorate your home in an easy way, if there is any stroke patient, so that he or she may not get hurt.

These tips may look simple to you, but these are the most important and similar tips you get from the doctor on how to recover from stroke, so make sure you don't ignore them. Another important thing that can save from strokes is the consumption of Phenylpiracetam. The Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic substance, which plays a vital role in preventing the body from strokes and also, it helps in enhancing the physical performance. This substance also helps in diminishing the strength of dementia.

Have you ever thought that homemade moisturizers could be the best choice for skin care? The truth has I had some doubts about it, but it all started with a jar with a homemade cream that they gave to my mother. I must say that I tried it with a little mistrust, but it turns out that my skin is extremely dry and I have to use many creams and oils. In cold weather, everything gets worse, and then magically, this cream did everything thousands of products had not achieved on my skin. Since then I am of the opinion that homemade moisturizers are the best solutions for dull and dry skin. ...continue reading "6 Homemade moisturizers. The Best Option For Extreme Dryness"

This ginger weight loss drink is a great resource to take care of your health while balancing the sugar level and accelerates digestion. Losing weight is a complicated process for certain people. There are cases in which, despite following a strict diet and doing sports, do not lose kilos as fast as you want. The reasons can be many and varied, but the most common are fluid retention and having a slow metabolism. These difficulties are obstacles that we find to reach our goal, although there are complements to overcome them. ...continue reading "How to Make Ginger Water to Lose Weight"

Vitamin "B" - the most numerous, but they are almost always found together in the same foods. It is therefore considered first, with the same material, and later, when it is determined that they are different substances - and left, are combined into one group. Proper nutrition is impossible without the use of substances of this group. All of them are water-soluble, i.e. that they have learned well by the body, does not need the use of fats. Furthermore, these trace elements can accumulate in the water in which the food is prepared, hence the preparation of its dishes to be considered this feature. But all of these trace elements, but one B12 integrates also the fact that they do not accumulate in the body, therefore, they should receive daily.

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B1 - Thiamine

The first of this group, vitamin B1 (thiamine), which has the form of transparent crystals, is also the most "capricious" because of all the vitamins, it is most easily destroyed, so refers to it is with great care. In general, almost all necessary for our body trace elements it is a substance with a complex molecular structure, and they may not only deteriorate under the influence of heat but also on many other factors, such as sunlight, exposure to acidic or alkaline environments, etc. Its melting temperature is about 250 0 C, but it is dramatically reduced in an alkaline medium, and at the same time, it exhibits greater stability when heated in an acid medium. It turns out that vegetable soups, which are slightly acidic due to the tomatoes or other vegetables, perfectly preserve the trace. Since this substance is contained in foods such as soybeans, peas, spinach, beans, potatoes, carrots, then cook soups to get this vitamin - is very correct.

Riboflavin - B2

Next, comes B2 (riboflavin), in its pure form is beautiful, yellow crystals having a needle-like shape. According to its properties, it is very similar to its predecessor. It also has a relatively high melting point (about 280 0 C) but is better preserved in acidic medium, and worse - into alkaline. The high content of this vitamin - offal in cattle and pigs, for that matter, and other vitamins of this group. There are raw kidney or liver - not for everyone, so these products need to be prepared. It turns out that if you marinate the liver in lemon juice - it thus you keep it this undoubtedly important vitamin.

PP or B3

Go to B3, also known as the PP, he is nicotinic acid. It is a white crystalline powder, odorless. This substance is not readily soluble in cold water, but very soluble in hot. As you can see, from this point of view it is very well suited to throw it in a pot, the more so because it is contained in cereals, especially buckwheat, beans, meat products. The temperature at which the acid begins to disintegrate - 260 0 C, that is, you can safely cook it. It is generally very stable vitamin, it brings a great many other ways to careless handling.

Pantothenic acid - B5

And here is vitamin B5, pantothenic acid, is not fond of the heat treatment. Although the melting point of this complex chemical compound is quite high, about 187 0 C, it begins to deteriorate when heated to a much lower temperature. But do not despair, because the very name of the vitamin can be translated from the Greek as "ubiquitous" because it was named after the scientists that he was very common in nature. Even in the body produce this trace element useful in our gut bacteria. So do not pay attention to the safety of this vitamin is most likely you already get it in sufficient quantities.

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B - 6, 7, 9

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine occurs in various forms, it generally colorless crystals of the same, and that most of the other vitamins. Get this vitamin can be both from the different types of nuts, and from the usual "soup sets" - potatoes, carrots, cabbage. Can it cook? Of course, yes! After all, he, like niacin, endures almost all manipulations with it. Hot water in a saucepan with soup - it is the ideal place in which dissolves the substance that would make it easier for our body to assimilate it.

All the same can be said about biotin, ie, vitamin B7 or H, as it is called. Get it we can from the liver, kidney, and if you do not eat animal products, then you need to eat nuts, legumes, yeast.

You probably very rarely met wherever that may be, the name "vitamin B9", but very often heard the other name –folic acid. This vitamin is found in large amounts in leafy green vegetables, and our friends in the intestine bacteria produce it for us. Like most other vitamins of group "B", it is also quite stable a chemical compound safely cook it into the soup or stew in a stew, the amount is not greatly reduced, and the body is easier to digest. Folic acid melting temperature is already 250 0 C in an oven so that it is better not to.

B12 - So necessary for vegetarians

Well, the last of this vitamin, the largest group - B12 or cyanocobalamin. This vitamin cannot produce any animals or plants. It's for us synthesize bacteria, tiny algae, and other microorganisms. To us in the body it comes from food of animal origin, in fact, it is virtually not present in plant foods. If you stick to a vegetarian or vegan, then you definitely should take this trace element in the form of dosage forms, because it is very important for the body. Like other vitamins, it is absolutely not afraid of the temperature that occurs in our pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils, as melts, it starts over at 300 0 C, so that you can safely bake meat or fish in the oven, on this content B12 are not much reduced.