Eight health benefits of swimming

Many people decide to choose swimming as a regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle because, apart from its many benefits, it is a respectful sport with the body. Water as a means of practicing it reduces the risk of injury since among other things; it exerts a smaller impact on the joints. It also allows for greater mobility, something that is very interesting for people who are not in shape or have some type of limitation. Thus, swimming is appropriate for people with back problems, pregnant or people with weight problems, for example.

benefits of swimming

Likewise, the humidity conditions of indoor swimming pools create an environment conducive for people with lung problems to exercise.

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If you have never dared to swim and you do not know the advantages that this type of exercise can give you, here is a summary of the benefits:

  • Benefits for the mind: swimming helps us to focus on a specific task, favoring the distraction of stress and problems, as well as greater relaxation.
  • Practicing swimming allows us working and at the same time the endurance, flexibility and muscular strength of the whole body.
  • Swimming favors the good functioning of the joints, giving greater mobility to the body and, therefore, allowing a greater range of movement.
  • Swimming is a great cardio exercise whose effects are comparable to working with weights or aerobics. They help us keep our heart and lungs healthy, improving our lung capacity and our circulation.
  • Swimming also makes us burn calories, which is ideal for those who want to control their weight.
  • Practicing swimming improves motor coordination, as well as our movements with breathing. This benefit is especially interesting during childhood and during the third age.
  • Swimming is beneficial for people who suffer from back pain, especially when they are due to muscular affections. Swimming favors greater flexibility in the back.
  • Like any sport, when swimming we segregate endorphins which end up provoking a feeling of well-being and happiness, especially after having made the effort.

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