What to do with excess skin left over when losing weight

You've done a lot of exercises and you've changed your diet to a supersana. Now you've got that body you wanted so bad, but you realize you do not know what to do with the excess skin left by losing weight. On many occasions, the body has to deal with this situation that is not very pleasing to the eye.

This happens because, although the skin has elasticity, it cannot shrink so quickly when weight loss occurs, especially when the process has occurred very quickly.

To better explain, think of a balloon filled with air. If you inflate it and empty it instantly several times, the walls of the globe lose elasticity and firmness.

If this is your case, do not worry. There are precautions that we will show below that will help you to avoid and reduce to the maximum the resulting flaccidity.

Keep looking after your feed

One of the most important steps to decrease excess skin is to balance the feeding. Dermatologists suggest increasing consumption of red and orange fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient for the beauty of the skin.

We can find vitamin C in foods like carrot, tangerine or orange. An easy way to add it is to include it in the daily menus and to grate carrots in the salads.

Another product that can help fight sagging is gelatin. Gelatine contains collagen, a protein needed to maintain the firmness of the skin. However, since there are common jellies that do not give us the necessary amounts, you can find this protein in various forms in any pharmacy.

It is not too much to consult with a dermatologist to suggest some treatment with collagen.

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Treatments in dermatological clinics to remove excess skin

Today we have access to treatments in dermatology clinics that help a lot in the control of the excess skin left by losing weight.

Carboxytherapy, for example, is an aesthetic treatment made with injections of carbon dioxide into the inner layers of the skin.

That gas stimulates the blood circulation and the production of collagen, leaving the skin more smooth and firm.

We also have treatments that include small electrodes that are placed on the skin and, with small discharges, enrich the muscles.

These two combined treatments begin to give results from the third session and should be performed weekly or bi-weekly.

Other aesthetic procedures used to treat flaccid skin are:

  • Radiofrequency.
  • The application of hyaluronic acid.
  • The peeling chemical.

Do not stop exercising

A sedentary lifestyle is the number one enemy of women.

Exercising is critical to combine excess skin and extremely important for it to stand firm and muscles in place.

Then, you have to let the laziness aside and choose some sporting activity so that you start practicing as soon as possible.

If you have already incorporated physical activity into your routine so do not leave it on reaching your goal.

If you find it tiresome to do the same activity, try other options and retest each time.

Just going for a walk and getting bored? Get ready to run a marathon!

Does the static bike already make you bored? Go to mountain biking.

Dance, running and hydro-gymnastics are three other options for physical activity that you can practice to keep your body in "everything in its place".

You can also practice localized exercises to decrease sagging on specific parts of the body, such as buttocks and legs.

Choose the options that are most convenient for you and put in place the excess skin left by losing weight.

Take Advantage of Creams Against Flaccidity

Regardless of where flaccidity occurs, it has to do with the dermis, since this is where the collagen fibers and elastic fibers are located. In addition, it also has to do, depending on the case, with the musculature.

You will find creams that give you collagen and other elements that help the skin from the inside. However, most of these products do not reach the deep zone.

To obtain the desired results, look for a transdermal gel.

Most of these products require a prescription because their absorption is complete by the body. Some of these gels work better or worse depending on the hormonal factors of the wearer.


The last resort to get rid of the excess skin that remains when losing weight is cosmetic surgery. Through this procedure, you can eliminate all the skin that causes you discomforts.

Just take into account:

  • Go with a certified plastic surgeon and make sure your data, permits, and ID are real.
  • Do not skimp. If you are going to do this procedure, do not decide just for the most economic. Rate the options and choose the professional and the procedure that offers the best results.
  • Take the right precautions. Follow every indication from your doctor and never ignore them. Although it may seem like a simple procedure, some care is always required.

However, you see that with good nutrition, physical exercises and cosmetic care often surgery is not necessary. Do not forget that it is very important a professional accompaniment in the area, that is available to solve with you any inconvenience.

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