Gym and fitness center – 10 “for” and 10 “against”

The modern city dweller does not have too many opportunities to give your body sufficient amount of physical activity. Of course, this does not apply to those who work physically, but there are people in the cities are now few, and the work that they do, rarely uses all muscle groups, which is also bad for their health.

To solve this problem are called many gyms or fitness centers, as they are called owners. Such institutions are now very much in practice in any area of any city, you can easily find the gym, and not one. Alternative fitness center, there is perhaps only one - jogging in the park or a nearby stadium, push-ups, horizontal bar, located in the courtyard of the old, still Soviet weight, which can be found in almost every city apartment. What do you choose - a trendy fitness center or a simple horizontal bar? Everyone is responsible for themselves on this issue, a universal answer to this question is no. I myself am trying to solve it for myself, and so I decided to find the pros and cons of paid gym to relieve you of this decision.

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10 arguments against the gym

  1. During the visit the fitness center you have to pay money, and, if you do it with a normal frequency, the sum accumulates rather big. At first, you agree to pay this money, because at stake is your health and fitness, but then, when there is a child, a mortgage, or something else, this article is usually cut first.
  2. Gym forms in your family budget are still other, additional expenditure. You get the newest and fashionable sportswear, bag, bunch of other accessories to look no worse than other visitors. Especially heavy falls to women, they have a one "season" in the locker room.
  3. The fitness center has to go on the clock. On the one hand, this is good, your body loves mode. But on the other - it is bad because you have to either adjust all of their plans for these visits or else to skip the workout. And so, they are worth the money, then after a certain number of passes, you throw this thing.
  4. Communication is good, but it interferes with sports, if it is too much, and in the gym, it is always a lot.
  5. Fitness Center robs you too long, more than you need, because the simulator some busy to talk with anyone until changed, and so on.
  6. Almost everyone who visits the fitness room begins to compare their achievements with the achievements of other people. That is too bad because there will always be some bodybuilders, which is ahead of you very much. So there is a lack of confidence, and the person loses interest in the sport.
  7. Almost every fitness center, you can purchase what is called "chemistry." The great temptation to get amazing results in a short time, contrary to the purpose for which we have come to the gym - to improve their health.
  8. Cardio - treadmill, exercise bike, and so on - these exercises are best done in the open air, especially in the park or the woods, but not indoors. And it is an absolutely free workout.
  9. The risk of diseases - after intense exercise, the immune system weakens. And at this time you get out of a warm room on a cold street. To pick up a popular illness like colds, easy.
  10. The same, only in the gym. There are added to the usual diseases and even fungi, parasites. People get a lot, and not all look after their health properly.

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10 arguments in favor of the gym

  1. Visits the gym cost money - these disciplines. When you do not really want to go, I remember about the fact that the occupation has already been paid, and force yourself, because you do not want to lose money.
  2. The fitness center has a coach - he can correct you when you are doing something wrong, it can make you a competent training program, suggest how best to monitor the results, and even a lot of things can tell.
  3. Regular exercise, always going at the same time - a correct approach to the construction of its body. A visit to the gym - the best way to deal with on the clock.
  4. In the gym, you can find the same athletes, just like you. Communicating with them you can add enthusiasm, watching other people's success can spur you to work hard on yourself.
  5. In the fitness center, not the best, you will find a large number of simulators, with which you will be able to load all the possible groups of muscles. At home, it is very difficult.
  6. Communicating with more experienced friends in the gym, you can learn a lot, especially the fact that you will not find in books and training videos.
  7. In many halls for fitness, you can drink fresh juice, which is sometimes too lazy to do at home. And this is - a very useful thing.
  8. Trainers cardio can be a very useful alternative to running through the streets, poisoned by exhaust fumes.
  9. In the gym, you can control the intensity of their workouts, as well as their results with many instruments.
  10. When dealing with a large number of like-minded people, which can be found in the gym, you can find a lot of new friends.

Well, that is about all. I hope that this will help you make the right choice.

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