How to lose weight in a short time

On many occasions we want to lose weight with great urgency, because we have an important commitment in which we want to look great and of course we can wear that beautiful dress that makes us look spectacular, but if we do not lower those kilos that are left over we can never have that Taste and much less improve our health.

Fortunately, there are some ways to achieve significant weight loss in a very short time and without endangering our health and well-being, also have no rebound effect, meaning you will not regain weight easily. You can know how to do this right away.

lose weight

Drink lots of water

It is very important to avoid taking fruit juices (soda), soda, energy drinks, beer, and any other beverages that contribute calories, sugars, sodium, and carbohydrates, since they can cause your body to retain liquids and also they remove the hunger. The only drink that makes you feel satiated, does not make you retain liquids and does not contribute calories is water. You can drink eight glasses a day and you will notice the changes immediately.

You must reduce the amount of food

Not only do you have to worry about taking care of a number of calories you eat, you also have to learn how to control the amount of food you eat at each meal.

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Another important point to keep in mind is that to reduce the consumption of calories you should never skip a meal, many people make that serious mistake thinking that that way they can lose weight, the only thing that is achieved is that in the next meal Are so hungry that they are going to eat twice as much, so it is not worth the effort that is made by suspending one of the daily meals. It is necessary to eat the three times to the day, but in a smaller amount and between meals drink water.

You have to exercise every day

If the desire to lose weight in a few days is really serious you have to do enough exercise, hopefully, twice a day to quickly achieve the desired effect, you can go jogging in the morning and afternoon or if you prefer to attend a Good gym ... anyway, the question is that you move and achieve your purpose.

Eat fewer carbohydrates and more fiber

A very important measure is to try to consume many more foods rich in fiber and fewer amounts of carbohydrates; Foods that contain good amounts of fiber help the digestive process and eliminate toxins, this way you can lose weight more easily. Another important point to keep in mind is that if you want to improve your muscle tone you must add proteins to your diet; these are also useful to burn fat more quickly at the time of exercise.

Foods to Avoid

It is essential that you avoid foods that contain large amounts of fats, such as oils, butter, and cheese, plus potatoes, fast foods, desserts especially the chocolates-, ice cream, chocolates, generally all Sweets, at least during the days that you are making the effort to lower those kilos you need.

Remember that the most important thing is your health, if you want to lose weight is very valid, but it is better to do it thinking about your health, that if you are less heavy you will feel more vitality and the risk of suffering diseases very carefully It will greatly reduce if you have a proper weight.

Loss of weight for health, not so much for vanity, although a thin person looks good do not exaggerate or try to imitate anyone, everyone is as it is; Remember that you must love yourself, you must respect your body and not feel bad just for having a little more weight.

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