Preparing for the failure of starvation

Most people think that the hardest part of fasting, it is the beginning. They believe that to abandon the food - it is very difficult and it requires great willpower. This is not true. Start fasting is not difficult, just as then, and go without food. The most difficult thing - it is right to get out of starvation. In fact, after prolonged abstinence, you have such an appetite that can be very easily and quickly, not only to go back to the old weight, and even to increase it.

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We starve to recover

Many professional athletes, such as boxers, used fasting to gain weight and move to the next weight class. I do not flint, I characterized by many human weaknesses, and I look in the near future with a certain fear, I imagine how I will want to have more and more when I finish fast, and the first program of food fall into my stomach. Exit from starvation - that is the most difficult.

And it's not only in the fact that being overweight can be very easy to dial, if you start to eat properly, you can even put your health great harm. Therefore, you need to carefully prepare for the exit, both morally and financially - to have at hand had everything we needed.

Finish the fasting

The theory is quite simple. Exit from starvation can be from the same period, what was the fast itself, up to one-third of the time. That is, if I start to eat tomorrow, on day 18, then to a normal diet, I can go back no earlier than the sixth day, and preferably closer to the eighteenth day, from the beginning of the meal. The whole period of the output I will have to limit itself not only in quantity but also in the quality of food, using only natural and organic products. But this theory. In practice, I'm hungry, so it is very difficult to keep yourself from eating too much these days, and it is from them depends on the success, if you start a disorderly diet, you can simply delete all of the fasting as a useless procedure.

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Fresh juices - The best food

Virtually all reputable authors who write their works on therapeutic fasting, agree that starting with eating fruit juice. I fully agree with them, that's what I start out. Apples are the most accessible in our mid-latitudes, so it is one I will push myself juice. For this, I stocked up a sufficient number of apples on the nearest market. It is clear that I choose plain fruit to separate from each other in size, at least where the cultivation of chemistry was used. Needless to say that today these fruits not find, come to the market, which is in your city, preferably close to the commuter train station, and you will find them. There I buy and carrots, from which also will squeeze the juice.

Preparing to exit from starvation

Out of starvation must occur at the very moment when you feel the first signs of hunger, do not need to exercise too much heroism and try to reach even a day or two, because while not eating will have you in harm. Therefore, it is always better to have prepared fruit, vegetables, juice extractor, which would at any time to start eating. It is desirable that would be at least the first days of juice pressed not you personally, but who may be different, because it will be very difficult to resist the order to prepare yourself as much juice as possible.


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