The modern city dweller does not have too many opportunities to give your body sufficient amount of physical activity. Of course, this does not apply to those who work physically, but there are people in the cities are now few, and the work that they do, rarely uses all muscle groups, which is also bad for their health.

To solve this problem are called many gyms or fitness centers, as they are called owners. Such institutions are now very much in practice in any area of any city, you can easily find the gym, and not one. Alternative fitness center, there is perhaps only one - jogging in the park or a nearby stadium, push-ups, horizontal bar, located in the courtyard of the old, still Soviet weight, which can be found in almost every city apartment. What do you choose - a trendy fitness center or a simple horizontal bar? Everyone is responsible for themselves on this issue, a universal answer to this question is no. I myself am trying to solve it for myself, and so I decided to find the pros and cons of paid gym to relieve you of this decision. ...continue reading "Gym and fitness center – 10 “for” and 10 “against”"