1. Protein foods increase the load on the kidneys

One of the main functions of the kidneys - withdrawal of blood urea, which is formed by digesting protein. If you eat a lot of meat or eggs, kidneys load increases; it badly affects the health of the kidneys. Over time, can worsen their ability to filter blood. To properly calculate the normal amount of protein in the diet, there is a very simple formula - divide your body weight in kilograms divided by 2 and you get the optimal number of grams of pure protein in the daily diet.

For example, if your weight - 80 kg, then the day you need to eat less than 40 grams of pure protein. This amount of protein contained in 200 grams of beef, or 4 chicken eggs.

  1. Wrap the disease "on your feet" - impair kidney health

You cough? Have you a runny nose and slight malaise? A headache and appetite? Urgently go to the doctor and be engaged in the treatment of colds. Even when you think the cold is transferred easily to your kidneys bear heavy loads.

Many people do not give much importance to the common cold but in vain. Within a week you will feel better, but your kidneys will carry the heaviest load. Therefore, the common cold prevention - prevention is always the kidneys. ...continue reading "7 common habits that destroy our kidneys"