Smoking, we want even more than it is. Ask any smoker if he is a long time, at least six hours, do not accept the food and do not smoke, then he would get the first - a plate of food or a cigarette. The answer is always the same - to smoke, and then you can eat. To quit smoking, you need to understand why this is happening. The reason for this urge to smoke covered in the same process as the cause of the usual hunger.

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So we tried to get always high quality and variety of food (one that seems delicious), our body, every time when he receives it, gives us a kind of "bonus" in the form of the chemical dopamine. This substance in the brain, gives us pleasure and satiety, the so-called feeling of "fullness." Under its influence, we are calm and happy, our state can be called peaceful. The body uses it in order to encourage the correct action on our part. The man who disrupted this system is usually placed in a psychiatric hospital. We produce less dopamine elderly than in the young, therefore it is difficult to learn a new way because they do not experience the joy of it, that young.

What makes the nicotine in the body?

The mechanism of action of the nicotine contained in cigarettes is to simulate the action of dopamine, it causes the same reaction. It turns out that the administration of nicotine into the body, we have almost the same feeling as when saturated with food. Only these feelings more vivid at first. Then, when the number of receptors is reduced, because the body knows that feeling of pleasure artificial, it can not stop entering an excess of matter, so he reduces the number of receptors that are susceptible to it. Therefore, necessary to increase the amount of nicotine. But there is a contradiction with the action of self-preservation mechanism, because nicotine is a very toxic substance, and with the increase of its content in the blood of the body, death can occur, so our body is doing its utmost to limit its introduction. If you smoke, remember how well you are the first cigarette after prolonged abstinence, but at the same time, you do not immediately light up next, as you experience an aversion to smoking for a period of time. Sly cigarette manufacturers, accurately calculate the amount of time and the amount of nicotine in one cigarette.

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Tricks of the tobacco companies, preventing quit smoking

In related studies, the tobacco companies have spent billions of dollars, and these investments were not in vain. According to their calculations, the nicotine contained in a cigarette, must eliminate from the body within 15 minutes to a level at which the next cigarette will not be fatal or lead to severe ailments. Thus, the next cigarette, you can smoke within fifteen minutes after the first, and you will not feel too bad. A day contains 24 hours, of which about 8 hours goes to sleep around 2 on food intake and preparation for it, another two leave to the needs of nature. It remains to twelve hours. If we divide the content of whitefish in the package at this time, it turns out that one hour accounts for slightly less than two cigarettes. We cannot always smoking, because in many places, including transportation, tobacco smoking, in addition, we still somehow work, so it turns out that a pack of cigarettes intended for one day. And we have to smoke at the earliest opportunity.

This paragraph sounds a little scary, but it's the harsh truth. So that we do not quit, we must enter the nicotine in your body as often as possible. That this logic used by the tobacco companies. They are after all that you need? So you gave them the greatest possible amount of money and do it regularly. To get you to do this, they developed a system that forces you to smoke as often as possible.

That's a good documentary, good journalistic investigation of cigarette manufacturers.

Learn about all the nicotine

The essence of the system is simple - in your body entered the maximum possible amount of nicotine, and created all the prerequisites for you to repeat it through the introduction of the minimum possible period of time. The amount of nicotine in one cigarette is maximized in order to maximize the impact on dopamine receptors, thereby causing nicotine addiction, which practically does not differ from morphine addiction. The mechanism according to the same, only the side effects of the active substance (nicotine and morphine) on the body are different - nicotine does not lead to such a rapid destruction, but it is even more addictive than methamphetamine and many other illegal drugs. In addition, nicotine is virtually no effect on consciousness, nicotine intoxication passes even softer than alcohol, a nicotine nobody gets too aggressive.