Instead of letting time pass as if nothing learns to live each moment consciously and take advantage of the present, without worrying about the past or the future. Time passes, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. When we are in a queue, it is eternal. However, at dinners with friends or in the company of those with whom we want to be, it flies. ...continue reading "Does time fly or slip out of your hands?"

Very often we suffer from stomach discomfort. Swelling in the belly is one of the most common. We feel heavy, uncomfortable, and full of gas or general malaise. The reasons for this swelling can be very varied, from physical causes to emotional causes. A diet low in fiber (fruit and vegetables), low physical activity, and intolerance to some foods such as gluten or lactose, lack of lack or fear of losing someone may be some of the most common causes of this evil. Our body does not stop being the reflection of our soul, reason why everything that affects to us can have repercussion in our physical well-being. It is important to learn to listen to the body and learn from it. This is where yoga can help us achieve it. ...continue reading "Yoga to solve the swollen belly"