Does time fly or slip out of your hands?

Instead of letting time pass as if nothing learns to live each moment consciously and take advantage of the present, without worrying about the past or the future. Time passes, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. When we are in a queue, it is eternal. However, at dinners with friends or in the company of those with whom we want to be, it flies.

Why are there weeks that pass very slow and others faster? All this depends on our perspective, what we are doing, how we are taking advantage of each moment. However, there is a clear difference between flying or getting away from our hands.

  • The first is the result of our responsibilities, a lack of hours to dedicate it to what we want.
  • The second is the product of not knowing how to take advantage of every minute of our life.

Do not waste your time, get off the autopilot!

What is autopilot? Basically, eat, work and sleep, and so on and on. There are no moments for you, for your enjoyment. You act like a robot, where monotony can with you, consumes you and overwhelms you.

You realize you're wasting every second that passes. Maybe because you do not like your job or you spend so much time that you do not have hours to do what you want.

After your responsibilities, you are so tired that you do not want to do anything else. Life is passing before your eyes and the opportunities to enjoy it escape from your hands. Sometimes, you just have to take some time out for yourself. It is not necessary to make great efforts, although you do have to put some will on your part.

For example, before you go to work or even afterward you may want to go jogging or to the gym. Maybe, if you like painting, you can take a few minutes to dedicate it and that will improve your day.

Of course, you're going to be tired after having slept only a few hours or after coming to work, but do not you deserve to do something you really enjoy and like? This will allow you to wake up and leave the autopilot, to start enjoying a little more life.

Do something different every day

You may already be faced with the excuses of "I do not have time!”, However, take it easy, because it really is not hours that you lack.

Doing something different every day allows us to get out of that zone of comfort and that automatic pilot that prevents us from thinking to enjoy and that makes us act only by inertia. No need to do bungees today or retire tomorrow. We are talking about modifying little things that are within your reach and that will not interfere with your daily life.

For example, sleeping on another side of the bed, instead of cooking going to a restaurant to eat, going for a walk after work, ice cream, try a new class (Zumba, kizomba, martial arts ...) in the gym...

There are many things you can do differently to make each day special and unique. However, we always tend to stick to what is known and usual, how boring! You only have one life and time, are you getting out of hand? Then let it fly naturally, as you savor it, you test yourself and make it every day become something original.

Do not waste time doing the same thing.

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The present moment, focusing on the now is essential

Mindfulness, meditation, yoga ... There are many activities that allow people to abandon this tendency to be always living in the past and in the future because ... the only real thing is now!

You are always overwhelmed, pending the time that will not give you this or the other, stressing you for that important meeting you have tomorrow ... and while you are not enjoying or valuing the present. It is difficult at first to start focusing on the now. It requires practice, patience, and adopting another way of experiencing each day.

What are you waiting for to enjoy every minute without letting you escape? Time will fly, it will pass, but in your hands is to take advantage of it or let it happen as if nothing.

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