Treatment of dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin is not a type of skin but a condition of it, so any skin, even the most fats can suffer dehydration at any time. It is also not associated with age; wrinkles may appear due to dryness at 20 years. Dehydration of the skin can be caused by an environmental aggression (cold, heat, wind, air conditioning ...), stress that causes the stratum corneum to weaken, irritants, drugs (Retinoid, diuretics ...) or as a consequence of Natural processes associated with age.

In a hydrated skin, the water content of the stratum corneum is 10-20%. It is considered to be dehydrated when it is less than 10%. But since these values are not easy to measure in our house there are some symptoms by which we can know if our skin lacks water.

dehydrated skin

How to know if your skin is dehydrated?

  • If you feel slightly rougher
  • If you are tighter and less flexible
  • you notice more marked wrinkles and lines of expression
  • If it is off, without light
  • Even some irritated or reddened area may appear
  • And above all, you feel a sense of discomfort and tension

If you notice any or several of these signs means that the protective film on your skin is not in good condition and allows the evaporation of water through the epidermis faster than it should. Then, this skin becomes more prone to congestion, to acne and, in addition, the wrinkles that may appear will be deeper.

What care do you need?


The best thing is to do it with milk or cleaning oils to avoid water, for the chlorine, it contains and in some areas also the lime. For the most sensitive skins, delicate make-up milk and rose cleansing milk or moisturizing cleansing milk are ideal.

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If you have the oily or mixed skin you can also clean it gently without greasing it: facial cleanser cleans and removes leaving a pleasantly fresh and light sensation and the gel/balancing cleanser combines the freshness of a gel with the softness of milk.

As a final step of the cleaning, a non-alcoholic tonic is applied, which balances the pH and calms the possible irritations caused by the soothing actives in its composition, such as Moisturizing tonic for dry skin, rose tonic and aloe bio soothing facial tonic.


And here we ask ourselves ... what should the ideal moisturizing treatments do?

  • Which re-establishes the function of our Natural Hydration Factor (FNH), a complex present in the cells of the stratum corneum with a great power of water retention?
  • Containing emollients and humectants to retain water in the skin and prevent evaporation. The shortenings and vegetable oils used in natural cosmetics repair the epidermis by filling the gaps between the cells and reinforcing the hydrolipid mantle structure. In conventional cosmetics they are used mineral oils or paraffin for this purpose, causing an occlusive effect preventing the skin from breathing.
  • If it contains hyaluronic acid, better fragmented. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in our skin that has a large water retention capacity but whose diameter is larger than that of the pores so if we want to penetrate it must be broken.
  • Which stimulates the production of collagen and ceramides, essential components of the skin?
  • Which contains assets that protect against oxidation and environmental attacks?


Applying a moisturizing mask once or twice a week will reinforce the effect of daily treatment. The SOS Intensive Rehydration Mask instantly replenishes the surface of the skin strengthening its natural protective barrier protecting it from the loss of hydration level.

For makeup, it is always better to use fluid products or BB Creams, which give color and lightness while moisturizing.

We will have to avoid:

  • An excessive hygiene, especially if sulfates or soaps with highly alkaline.
  • Irritating products such as very abrasive exfoliants or products with alcohol.
  • Excessive heat or cold or sudden changes in temperature.
  • The excess of sun.
  • Powder make-up products, especially those containing talc.

And we should not forget to drink lots of water and follow a varied diet rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

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