Find The Best Mattress For You: 8 Picks For 2022

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Find The Best Mattress For You

Find The Best Mattress For You

You’re looking to buy a brand new bed, but have no idea where to start. Find The Best Mattress For You

Not only are there choices that can be found in brick-and-mortar establishments, but there are hundreds more fluttering around in the realm of digital bed-in-a-box brands.

What’s the most suitable bed for you in 2022?

Well, keep in mind that the word “best” is somewhat subjective. Different people require different things from a bed, so what works for one person might not be suitable for someone else.

We have a variety of different categories when we made our top picks. We hope that the majority of folks should be able to find not just an “best” mattress however, but one that is best for them.


How To Choose The Best Mattress


Best Mattresses

Puffy Mattress


The Puffy company provides three beds that are all comprised of foam. one of those beds is called”the” Puffy mattress. On a scale from moderate to hard, the Puffy scores a 5, which indicates that it’s more suitable for lighter sleepers than heavier ones. It is also the most affordable option. Puffy offers the most affordable option, with price points that are approximately half of the price of the Puffy Lux and less than half the price that comes with the Puffy Royal. It makes Puffy their most popular model. There are also two hybrid models available from Puffy The Lux Hybrid and the Royal Hybrid.

Each of the mattresses made by Puffy is manufactured by the United States and includes a guarantee that lasts for a lifetime. The main thing that sets them apart is the height difference between the mattresses, which is due to the different layers of comfort foam. The Puffy has a thickness of 10 inches, whereas they are the Puffy Lux/Lux Hybrid Puffy Royal/Royal Hybrid and the Puffy Royal/Royal Hybrid all weigh between twelve and fourteen inches, respectively.

Ideal for:

  • Side sleepers who weigh as much as 230 pounds
  • People who enjoy the “hug” of memory foam
  • Those needing a quiet mattress



Saatva Mattress


Saatva is a company which specializes in selling premium mattresses directly to customers. The company was established in the year 2010 and currently is operating under three brand names: Saatva, Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven. The company offers a range of mattress models under these three brands that include an all foam Loom & Leaf, the latex Zenhaven, the airbed sold under the Solaire brand Solaire, the airbed sold under the brand name Solaire and the hybrid Saatva.

Two layers of coils, two layers of polyfoam as well as a small layer memory foam are included in the structure of the Saatva Mattress it is also known by the name of Saatva Classic. The Saatva comes with three levels of firmness which the company describes as Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. On the scale of firmness that ranges all the way from moderate (3) through medium-firm (6) as well as firm (8) the three options correspond to the soft (3) moderate firm (6), and medium firm (6) and (8).

There are two sizes of the Saatva that are 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches, respectively. The 11.5-inch model is thought to be of an average thickness, while the 14.5-inch version is believed to be high-profile and necessitate sheets with a greater depth.

Ideal for:

  • People with more particular firmness preferences
  • Sleepers of all sizes and sleep position
  • People who are more likely to sleep hot
  • Couples seeking a mix of pressure relief and bounce



Nectar Mattress


In recent decades, Nectar Sleep has emerged as one of the top names in online mattresses and bedding products across the United States. Its flagship Nectar Mattress is still the most sought-after option of the products offered by the company. The mattress is constructed solely of foam and has three distinct layers. One includes a cushion that is made of memory foam. It conforms to the contours of your body and evenly distributes pressure. The Nectar Mattress is a thick 12 inches and a feeling that is medium-firm that is comparable to a 6 on the 1-100 scale, which evaluates the mattress’s firmness.

The top-of-the-line Nectar model is an ideal choice for anyone who likes the distinctive “body-hug” of memory foam which creates the impression that you are sleep “in” the mattress as instead of being “on” the mattress. This is among the most prominent benefits for this model. Nectar brand. The even contouring may ease discomfort for those who suffer from discomfort or pressure points in the lower back, shoulders and hips. A good motion isolation system ensures a peaceful sleeping for the vast most couples.

Nectar Premier and the Nectar Premier along with Nectar Premier Copper Nectar Premier Copper are the names of two other mattresses available at Nectar Sleep. They have lengths that is 13 inches or 14 inches respectively, however they share the same medium-firm (6) feel and feel as the Nectar Premier model.

Perfect for:

  • Side sleepers
  • Individuals who weigh up to 300 pounds
  • Couples
  • Value seekers



Dreamcloud Mattress


DreamCloud is a retailer which offers a variety of sleep-related products, some of which include mattresses pillows, and bedding. But, aside from DreamCloud Mattress, in addition to DreamCloud Mattress, the company also offers DreamCloud Premier Mattress and the DreamCloud Premier Mattress as well as the DreamCloud Premier Rest. Both mattresses are available for purchase. The memory foam mattress, the polyfoam, as well as pocketed coils, are the three kinds of mattresses that make up this hybrid design. Although it’s made using premium materials and has a luxurious design, the DreamCloud Mattress is more affordable than the vast majority luxury hybrids.

The DreamCloud is a mattress that can be described as medium firm, having a score around 6 on a scale of from 6 to 10. It is within the range that the vast majority of sleepers prefer, though it is at the more firm end of that spectrum.

The DreamCloud is a model with a high profile which measures 14 inches thick; because of this, it could require sheets that have deeper pockets than is typical. There is a chance that those who have trouble getting to and out of beds with low sides might benefit from this extra depth. The DreamCloud features a height that gives it a taller comfort system and support layer which gives it a strong blend of contouring and support. This is due to the fact that both the comfort layer and the support layer are both thicker.

Perfect for:

  • People who are looking for bounce as well as pressure relief
  • Couples, particularly of varying sizes and preferences for sleep
  • Shoppers looking for a luxury hybrid that is affordable
  • Sleepers who would prefer an extremely long trial of their sleep



Purple Mattress

Purple Hybrid

The Purple company offers three distinct varieties of mattresses. The first Purple mattress is the first. In terms of the firmness this mattress is rated at 6/10, which indicates that it’s medium-firm and comes at a price that is less expensive. The Purple is one of the mattresses that is known for its breathability, affordability and offering a great quality.

The primary distinction in Purple and the Purple in comparison to those of the Purple Hybrid or Purple Hybrid Premier options can be found in the fact that Purple has an underlying support core made of polyfoam, while hybrid models feature pocketed coil support cores. The Purple is also backed by a longer warranty than the hybrid models. Both Hybrid and Hybrid Premier versions are made available with a moderate (5) and a medium-firm (6) option in addition to the medium (7) or medium (5) options. The price of the alternative Purple mattresses is considerably higher than the original Purple mattress.

Purple Grid Purple Grid is a proprietary technology that is found in every single one Mattresses made by Purple. This grid of hyper-elastic polymer is positioned between the comfort layers which allows the circulation of air that helps keep the mattress cool, and also gives it a comfortable feel.

Perfect for:

  • Sleepers under 230 pounds
  • People who are hot to sleep
  • Couples
  • Budget shoppers



Layla Mattress


It is the Layla Memory Foam Mattress and the Layla Hybrid Mattress are the two choices for people looking to purchase a bed from Layla. Its Layla Memory Foam Mattress is the company’s flagship product and is the main focus for this evaluation.

Both the comfort layers and the support core that comprise Layla Memory Foam Mattress. Layla Memory Foam Mattress are made up of a mix of memory foam and polyfoam. It is possible to flip it over just like that of the Layla Hybrid Mattress. With both of Layla’s mattress options, sleepers can choose between a medium gentle (4) or a firm (7-8) degree of firmness all while remaining in the same bed.

This Layla Memory Foam Mattress has an average size at 10.5 inches, making it a mattress with an average profile. In contrast from the 13 inch Layla Hybrid, which might require deep pockets for sheets, normal sheets will work just fine with the 15″ Layla Hybrid.

The two mattresses are differentiated from each other not just by their distinct feels, but also by their vastly different prices. While the Hybrid has a more responsive feeling, Layla has a more supple feel. Layla Memory Foam Mattress has exceptional ability to contour. People who like the feeling that they are “hugged” by their mattress should consider purchasing a mattress made of memory foam.

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is offered at a lower price point than those of the Hybrid Mattress due to the variations in the construction.

There are two different degrees of firmness that are available in Layla Memory Foam Mattress. Layla Memory Foam Mattress. The side they call “soft” has a firmness rating of 4 out of ten, which signifies that it’s medium soft. On the scale of firmness, the “firm” side registers between 7 and 8.

Perfect for:

  • Side sleepers under 130 pounds. The sleepers in this category were well-supported and had a great spinal alignment on the medium soft side of this mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers over 130 pounds. These sleepers found the support they require on the more firm side of the mattress.
  • Hot sleepers. Copper infusion into the topmost comfort layer aids in cooling.
  • The sleepers who favor a more pliable mattress. This mattress offers the signature “hugging” sensation of memory foam.



Nolah Mattress

The year 2015 was the start of Nolah which is an on-line mattress store and producer. The company offers customers a total of three mattresses, two of which are made entirely of foam and one of which is a hybrid. The review below will look at the Nolah mattress we’ll take an in-depth look at Nolah Original, which is also known in the form of the Nolah Original 10, and we’ll be comparing and contrasting the various aspects of it.

Comfort layer in the Nolah Original is composed of adaptive AirFoam, which is a high-resilience , polyfoam product that is made exclusively by Nolah. On a scale of one to 10 points, the mattress offers a medium feel and receives an average rating of five which means it will be able to feel a distinct contour from your head to your toes. The core that supports the mattress is constructed of high-density polyfoam, which is followed by a layer of transitional polyfoam which prevents the mattress from sinking an excessive amount. Tencel lyocell, which is a material that is derived by plants, was utilized for the cover as it is extremely soft and breathable. The Nolah Original has a total thickness of 10 inches across the entire.

It is the Nolah Signature 12 is an additional all-foam mattress that is offered by Nolah. This mattress also offers an average (5) feel to it. It is also medium-firm. Nolah Evolution 15 is the company’s most recent model that is a Euro-top hybrid which comes with adjustable foam comfort layers as well as a pocketed coil support core. It is similar to the Nolah Original has a medium (5) feel it’s similar to its Evolution 15, but it is better suited for people who prefer a firmer and more comfortable mattress that the Nolah Original is.

Ideal for:

  • Sleepers who prefer the contouring yet responsive feel of an all-polyfoam mattress
  • People who weigh 230 pounds or less
  • People who suffer from regular back pain, pressure points
  • People who typically doze too hotly on beds with all-foam mattresses
  • Co-sleepers who awaken easily due to bed noises or movement from their partner



Bear Pro Mattress

Since 2014, Bear has been one of the most popular “mattress-in-a-box” brands that can be found on the internet. At present, the company offers three separate mattresses available to buy. The Bear Pro will be the topic of this review’s focus.

Over transitional and base layers of dense polyfoam, the Bear Pro is built with comfort layers that are composed of polyfoam that has copper in it, as well as gel memory foam. On a scale of one to ten for its firmness, this mattress can describe itself as having a feeling similar to the feeling of a six. Its thickness is 12 inches, making it a mattress that has a high profile.

Bear Pro Bear Pro has a cover that is made with Celliant, an innovative material that has been engineered to improve the oxygenation of tissues as well as regulate body’s temperature, and aid the body in recovering after vigorous activities. This cover is one of the best features of the product. There are additional Bear models that have Celliant covers as the flagship Bear Original along with The Bear Hybrid.

Ideal for:

  • People who weigh between 230 pounds
  • Sleepers who prefer the conforming yet responsive feel of a mattress made of mixed foam
  • Couples and co-sleepers



How to Find the Right Mattress for You

Mattress Type

There are many different kinds of mattresses available and they can vary considerably. Certain mattresses appeal to a larger range of sleepers than others do, and it’s crucial to be aware of the distinctions.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattress are considered to be the common mattress type and are still quite popular, even though many bed-in-a-box companies don’t offer them. They are constructed with coils that make them more bouncy and firm. Because they are so flexible to movements, innerspring mattresses are an excellent choice for sleepers who are able to have to move throughout the night. In addition, they are a great choice for shoppers who are on a tight budget.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattress are extremely well-liked by bed-in-a-box businesses. There are many advantages for the product, such as its soothing, pressure-relieving comfort as well as motion isolation and broad pricing options. Many people believe memory foam mattresses will cause you to sleep hot however, newer models have innovated their foams in order to make them more aerated for better airflow. Some even come with copper or gel infusions that aid in cooling.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are somewhat like mattress made of memory foam, with the exception that they’re more flexible, sustainable, and expensive. They provide excellent pressure relief, and also have the ability to cool naturally. These beds are also the good fit for eco-friendly shoppers and those who suffer from pain or are looking for a more luxurious mattress.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are made up from any combination of components that are listed above, which include foam, coils, and latex. They typically give you the most beneficial of both (or multiple!) different worlds, resulting in an incredibly comfortable, supportive and cooler bed. Hybrid mattresses can be the good fit for most types of sleepers because the construction and materials offer an array of options.


Not to be confused with air mattresses Airbeds are luxurious mattresses that are made of air chambers that you are able to manually adjust to your preferences. This means you can change the level of firmness to suit your needs. Airbeds are ideal for couples who have different preferences, seniors, or for anyone who wants a luxurious sleep experience.


Sleeping Position

It’s possible that you don’t pay any attention to the way you sleep however knowing your main sleeping position can come in handy when looking for mattresses. This article will highlight the things you need to be aware of about every sleeping position, and what to look at and be aware of on mattresses.

Side Sleepers

Sleepers who are side-sleeps put an enormous amount of stress on their hips, shoulders and knees as they sleep. This is why it’s crucial for them to have a mattress that relieves pressure and evenly distributes body weight. Most often, Memory foam mattresses can be a good choice for side sleepers.

The majority of side sleepers prefer mattresses that are on the soft part of the spectrum because a mattress that is soft is more likely to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. At the same time, they don’t want something to soft as it might not keep their spine neutrally aligned.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers exert an enormous amount of stress on their backs particularly when they sleep with a thicker mattress. They usually do best on an extra firm mattress that doesn’t allow them to sink in too much, causing tension to the spinal column.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers require a mattress that carefully balances comfort and support. This usually means an extremely firm mattress with thin comfort layers over it.

Combination Sleepers

If you switch positions during the night, you’re what’s called a hybrid sleeper. The people in this category need to look for a mattress that’s flexible to body movements. They must also be aware of how the mattress blocks motion particularly if they sleep with an individual and don’t want to disrupt them by their movements.


Mattress Firmness

We recommend that shoppers beware of a mattress that is super-soft or super-firm. The mattress firmness scale is measured on a scale of 1-10 one being the softest and 10 being the most firm. The majority of sleepers will feel comfortable and well-supported on a medium-to-medium-firm mattress with a firmness of around 5-8 on the scale.

Another aspect is the weight of your body. People who are heavy require a mattress that is firmer as they put more pressure to the surface but, depending on your sleeping position you might still want to choose an option with a higher-density comfort layer on top.


Shopping within your price range is an alternative to narrow your mattress options. In line with our own philosophy of mattress firmness, we advise avoiding mattresses at the absolute most expensive and lowest end on the scale. The most inexpensive mattresses (around $100-$200) will provide you with what you pay for (not much) and the most expensive mattresses can be at a point where they will diminish returns.


Finding the Best Mattress Company

Although the Internet is among the most convenient places to purchase mattresses, it isn’t always easy to determine which ones are the most reliable. Certain buyers may wish to start their search by narrowing down to the best companies. There are many mattress brands available, and after a while, they can all start to look the same.

First off, read our article on how to buy mattresses online. Here are a few factors to look to determine what makes one mattress company better than another.

  • Trial Period and Return Policy: Selecting a mattress company that offers a long trial period and return policy is essential especially when shopping online without actually getting to see the bed. Most companies should offer at least a hundred-day trial that is risk-free and free returns.
  • Warranty: Warranties cover manufacturing defects and are a standard element of buying a mattress. The most well-known words we’ve come across are 10-year, 20-year, and lifetime warranties. Any less than 5 year assurance on mattress is something to avoid.
  • Shipping and Delivery Free shipping and delivery is standard for a mattress company however some might charge a cost. Some of the top mattress firms also provide free white glove delivery. This means that they’ll set the mattress for you at absolutely no charge.
  • Prices: You will want to make sure you’re shopping from an company with decently priced mattresses. Compare similar mattresses from different brands to determine whether you’re getting a fair price for the material used within the mattress. Find The Best Mattress For You

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